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How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101

How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101 Right where it belongs :^) After dumping everything into the bin Your browser does not support the video tag.Okay, explanation what the literal **** is going on:>Do freelance work for a game retail shop>Apparently they received a shipment of ME:A with all of the CD-Keys stolen during transit>Big **** you to EA for not even disabling the stolen CD-Keys>This crap would actually need to end up in trash eventually so we just decided to have some fun


OKAY I'M PISSED FJ (okay no more caps let's focus here)This Is Kevin Brady R-Texas 8th District (Since 1996 btw)He is also the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.The GOP controls the House and the Senate and they're gonna protect him but then I read this quote and I just blew a fuse.