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Memorable Music in Gaming #32

Memorable Music in Gaming #32 I don't do these very often but lately I keep finding myself returning to The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel OSTs.These latest in the series have some incredible music tracks and more often than not I would find myself prolonging a battle just to hear the track start to repeat itself.

Robot has the sex

Robot has the sex I' ll beat all of you in just one blow.has low self esteem and is a bitchubby, still a virgin, likes anime, we talkabout it oftenher birthday she has sleepover, wego out to pub, she gets very drunk, i' mtipsyher home in a group of friendsback to her house, keep drinkingand playing party gamesfriends walk downstairs and set uptheir sleeping arrangementsre in her room aloneis sloppy drunk at this pointPstart to kiss Iis diamondsdoesn' t want to lose her virginityyetin my ear that I can put it inharassdo so, dry, with no condomasks me to leave it in and waitbecause it' s painfullike five minutes in the darks asleepdick is still in her assdo I doI pull it out or move she' ll wake upSstill lying on top of the coversup lying there the whole night, mydickiest lying inside her warm assholeup in the morning, she' s stillasleep, pants down, dick in ass.


DON'T FUCK WITH GUN JESUS! I have talked to a number of TVproducers over the past few years, but nothing hasever come of the discussions.The most recent oneactually was with the History Channel, and wediscussed a number of show ideas but then theydropped contact.

Anon hates fat people

Anon hates fat people You fuckers think we know fat hate?How often does a fatty really ruin your day'?