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Beta learns a life lesson

Beta learns a life lesson The bill came, she didn't reach for it so obviously I did.I pay the bill, go to the washroom before we leave, come back to see the waiter leaving our table (my date).

Purely a victim of circumstance

Purely a victim of circumstance At least it's a step up from jelly donuts 5 mns agoOwaplurtup Miggigg Ineytlo 18 mns agoJack Black goes to South Korea 21 mns agoAMOR PROHIBIDO-(FORBIDDEN LOVE) 23 mns agoFREE STEAM GAME: SHADOW WARRIOR 30 mns agoTfw you know your adopted by a doggo 30 mns ago

/pol/ack goes to a job interview

/pol/ack goes to a job interview Joh Interviewageing to a job interviewlathe place is obviouslyVERY liberal.And notactual liberal, I meanAmerican liberal74 KB we awfuck it I need themegoes well,answer all questions with decent answersllast question, interview literally ask "whattity you think about muslims and otherminorities'?

god rod homo clod

god rod homo clod "World's greatest beauty" 3 mns agoI wish she had more brothers 6 mns agoIndians favorites to win World Series?6 mns agoFootbridge over a roundabout 11 mns agoKeccubuas Sungowil Wodougs 13 mns agoCeluiv Litteput Zowotudou 15 mns agoJust wait till I get through this fence!