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Fallout Shelter - The James Incident

Fallout Shelter - The James Incident This is Vault 666The name was not a mistake These are your typical dwellers within the vault(Ignore the fact that every person in this room is black) And this is Goddamn JamesJames is ******* ridiculous James had the stats of Jesus himselfEveryone else in the vault was level 3, but goddamn James came in and set a whole new standard Eventually James proceeded to impregnate all the women he could findVault 666 is bad when it comes to birth control Here he can be observed wooing his 16th lover.James had such a high status among the vault dwellers, he eventually became their cult messiahAll cultist enforces a of James' fair laws are required to wear Ninja suits.

New Generation of Gamers

New Generation of Gamers File: -( 55 KB, 555x545, only the dead can know ( -),jpg)REIT, "ilt.not 11 year old cousin play Darkit Boole on my PSA.

Things with faces comp

Things with faces comp Your browser does not support the video tag.Your browser does not support the video tag.

Mechs get sleepy too

Mechs get sleepy too i fucking love when D.Va gets hit with Ana' ssleep dart she' s not asleep, the fuckingmech isshe' s in there furiously wiggling the controlsticks like thistti,HER FACE THOUGHLikeHOWNO REALLY HOWIS THIS HAPPENINGHOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE HOW ISIT POSSIBLE"Source:27, 509 notes > C) ct CC?

Hey bro you're still cool

Hey bro you're still cool A Dry Doggo Is A Happy Doggo 41 mns agoDark Souls 3: Controlling Enemies Mod 57 mns agoWhere Marvel Got Deadpool 1 hr agoWonder Woman's weapon : Hestia's noose 1 hr agoPhilippine Independence Day - Scout Rangers 1 hr agoSome crispy anime webms (more than a few mp4s) 1 hr agoSituational Awareness is Key 1 hr agoMonster Hunter will be at E3 1 hr agoMoney can solves most problems.But you will gain new problems.

Anon is blackmailing a politician

Anon is blackmailing a politician 5 Anonymous (ID: ) IHow to do deal with socialists(.1 29457624I have already been sentenced to 3 yearsin jail for "hate speech" in France andnow live in exile.