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Step1 to becoming Sweden

Step1 to becoming Sweden Home "Newsmotion passes inOntario Legislaturemoon INNESTORONTO - The Canadian PressPublished Friday, Feb.24, 7: ESTLast updated Friday, Feb.

Want Some Pasta America?

Want Some Pasta America? I am make gift of pasta for you, entirely ofgoodness of own heart and not at all because you suddenly weirdand scary and am want gain favor quickly.Aw hell yes, I fuckin' love pasta.

Anon goes to the Gas Station

Anon goes to the Gas Station File: Egbyig (433 KB, )ago to local gas station to get teddiessweating MAGA hat berm: in": not scared of SHEEITawe , see three " yr old girls buying gas in front of me.acne of them is obviously a hippie dude weed lmaoivisible shifts away from meaway finish their purchase, and I do the sameltr as walking to my can dude weed lmao girl shouts across the parking lot "FUCK YOU, BERNIE SANDERS 201?