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Ladies, here's some advice.

Ladies, here's some advice. He is not going to be wastingtime on ', posting relationshipquotes.Put downyour ' lall phone.

Injustice 2: Plastic man

Injustice 2: Plastic man Hazama's Troll Booth (Blazen!) 2 mns agoUnconditionally arresting defector 6 mns agoTrump, Russia, Possible Collusion (REMIX) 13 mns agoState of Elyria: Part 1, Transparency, The Team, The Game 16 mns agoBeing The Bard In The Guild Be Like 23 mns agoOne must become FLAVORTOWN 52 mns agoWar Thunder The Japanese Air Force 1 hr ago

tumblr in a nutshell

tumblr in a nutshell I' M NOT SURE WHAT' S WORSE ABOUTFEMINISM.Boo attacks girl 'iiiGeorgian First Grader Beatenand Seawall Assaulted iori' MaleSays BuysJust ' i Housing"u" e.