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We'll Nuke you!

We'll Nuke you! S.S.

1000 North Koreans vs 1000 ISIS members vs 1000 cartel members

1000 North Koreans vs 1000 ISIS members vs 1000 cartel members What is this , trash for losers?15 hrs agoWe need to ban assault weapons 18 hrs agoCNN didn't think this headline through 18 hrs agoTick Tock!

Daily News April 15-2017

Daily News April 15-2017 Storms and hail in several cities of MexicoOk, I know we don't have that many mexicans in the site, but c'mon now, they have the right to know, plus you never know when one of you might be planning on coming down here.The national weather service of Mexico warned that for the next hours there will be strong storms with hail in Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, the state of Mexico, Mexico city, Puebla, Tlaxcala and Veracruz.

Daily News April 17 2017

Daily News April 17 2017 At Xerox, he later oversaw the first computer with desktop-inspired icons and a word processor that formed the basis of Microsoft Word.His family told the Los Angeles Times that he had suffered from Parkinson's disease among other ailments.

Daily News April 19 2017

Daily News April 19 2017 Mexican Ex-governor to be extradited to both the USA and Mexico to face justice I swear to god at this point every mexican governor is a criminalThe United states and Mexico announced that the ex-governor of the state of Tamaulipas-Mexico Tomas Yarrington will be extradited from Italy to the two neighbor countries.After a careful analysis of evidence and charges in USA and Mexico against Yarrington and in accordance to the priority of the extradition requests, the United States of America and Mexico have agreed to send a request to the Italian Justice Minister to allow priority to the United states extradition application and also give autorization to the Mexican extradition request.

Daily News April 25-2017

Daily News April 25-2017 The remains of 15 partial skeletons belonging to the species Homo naledi were described in 2015.New dating evidence places the species in a time period where Homo naledi could have overlapped with early examples of our own kind, Homo sapiens.

Daily News April 27-2017

Daily News April 27-2017 Crematorioum in Ohio didn't account for the extra fuelA crematorium in Ohio caught fire while burning the remains of an "overly obese" body, according to the owner.Don Catchen said the corpse caused flames to engulf one of his units in the city of Cincinnati.

North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile

North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile The South Korean military are now analyzing the type of missile fired and flight distance of the projectile traveled.The reported launch comes amid rising tensions in the region and a US military buildup in response to the North Korean “nuclear threat.

Daily News April 28-2017

Daily News April 28-2017 Paul authorities discovered 80 pounds of marijuana hidden in the spare-tire wells of two Fusions staged for delivery in a railway vehicle holding lot.Later, Dilworth, Minnesota, police recovered an additional 217 pounds of wacky tobaccy in seven more Ford Fusions after rail employees discovered the drugs during a routine inspection.

Ni-Oh Dragon of the North DLC Released

Ni-Oh Dragon of the North DLC Released The critically-acclaimed Souls-like game Ni-Oh has received its first piece of story DLC.Dragon of the North pits the player character against a fictionalized version of a famous Japanese historical figure – Masamune Date.