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Normal guy in a monster girl world

Normal guy in a monster girl world dogbro pounce teacer IS asking Wynn want to was charges menus!the cyan that any humped you an the busman, how sauna's an anima that here?

/fit/izens guide to manlets

/fit/izens guide to manlets probably unable to live a normal lifehave to make adjustments, go for short girls and haveother shit going for you to succeedwill still get rejected by girls who care about height a lot,otherwise life will probably be completely normal unlessyou have autism.the most insecure group on this list

Anon Deals with Stacy.

Anon Deals with Stacy. Cl Anonymous ) 03: tti: 09 No, 40366186 F403_ 63521tries to trick me into thinking she' s not the normal slut typeMs actually named Stacy, the ironyleft her daddy issues galoreright through itthat ass anyway since she' s smoking hot fer newout later that she does cocaineDent care cause I' not marrying hera bit buzzed one night and head ever her houseehhe' s not there, went out to a party without telling meinvites me in for dinner because she' s a nice persons also super hot, like 25 hot even though she' s 36share a bottle of wine, and lent; story short, one thing leads to another and I end up staying the nightm semes home the next day and sees my shit at her deerWinds me in bed with her momit might be wrang, but I' m in IDVE with Stacys mom