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One of the few non shitty ones

One of the few non shitty ones I dent get all this ‘Black Lives Matter‘ - ‘BlueLives Matter" divide, I been around here since157 and I newer been to jail.All I see I" ) arethese / s running : I getting shotbecause they think they can do whatever theywant.

Guat Vighemy Ighit Fimby

Guat Vighemy Ighit Fimby dank WebM compilation (pt 87) 17 hrs agoi quess it was inevitable 22 hrs agoDeathclaw 61-69 (the last dump) 23 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #9 16 hrs agoTrump driving to Capitol Hill 21 hrs agoFAKE NEWS?I'VE BEEN DIDDLED AGAIN 16 hrs agoWhite and Black trash in peace 18 hrs agoWhat will he say first, FJ?