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Anon sacrifices for his country

Anon sacrifices for his country Cl Anonymous (Witsel T( Sun).bbe me 25 nerdpplay didya in my parents basement all the timedmeet grill online playing wowrafter a few months we exchange picscatfish her cause ugly as a mutt bred with a donkeyto fly out to her placewon' t know what‘ ll happen, butt fuck itin TSA line cause I' m not comfortable around peoplesstupid scanner beeps when I go throughITSA lady tells me to step over to the side to be scannedsshe starts patting me downsshe comes up behind me and whispers some shit I don' t remember in my earsshe starts fingering my butthole with one hand while she pats me downcomes over and sees my obvious discomfortHells TSA lady I look "suspect" and to do a full searchITSA lady takes me to side room and locks the doorAnon we need to do a randomly selected search for the safety of the American people"ait' s my civic duty to complysshe Hayes the roomHm such a patriotic citizensshe comes back three minutes later with lube, a strap on, and duct tapeHell her about how my father served in the Navy and how I' m honored to be able to serve my country like thissshe thoroughly searches my cavities to make sure I wasn' t hiding anythingcould have been a tenon's after allkirill I met online was just my chad cousin trolling meHow have you served your country?

/fit/izens share 2 sides of a story.

/fit/izens share 2 sides of a story. File:.igg (115 KB, 776x905)Who else here?

Suit up for Comic Con with these awesome fashion finds

Suit up for Comic Con with these awesome fashion finds We're a week out from Comic Con International in San Diego, and it's time to get excited about it.We're all still pretty pumped about Spider-Man: Homecoming, so why not show your enthusiasm with some Spidey wear?

Ev'ry guy here'd love to...

Ev'ry guy here'd love to... What we should have gotten in 2017 7 mns agoMy best friend of 13 years 18 mns agoWhat if All Might never existed 37 mns agoYou are not alone.But North is alone forever 1 hr agoDrinking milk before you go to bed.