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Pokemon saved a life

Pokemon saved a life Anonymous 3 minutes agobe mea be 23work in hospital that' s in a really shittyneighborhoodr: work night shift get out atwalking to my trucka suddenly a wild nignog appearsman lemme akechi sumthin"'start getting a feeling in pit of mystomach so I tum around to walk back tohospitalNignog 2 has entered the battleYou know what this is wallet phone andkeys nigga"Go instant beta and go to give himeverything when suddenly phone rings.mpaThe nignogs stop".

Poll shows what people will give up for a safe neighborhood

Poll shows what people will give up for a safe neighborhood How important is it to live in a safe neighborhood?A recent Trulia poll indicates that neighborhood safety is even more important than you may have originally thought.

Robot finally gets laid

Robot finally gets laid E Anonymous 07/ 09/ 17( Sun) 23: 40: 53 No.38268002around neighborhood in cartwee cute girl riding bike and use pick uplines I found onlinegets in the car and we start gettingsexual175 KB we her back to my house and fuck forhoursbleeds and is super tight, a virgin, as was Ikrunoking a cig and browsing /rak/ after sex and anAmber Alert pops up on rrly phone in rrly area thatdescribes my carChurns out girl was only 12her she' s not going anywhere until I figure this outWhat the fuck do I do?

Fake report, real name.

Fake report, real name. WE ARE USELESS (GMod Death Run) 15 mns agoThat's why you need Leadership 22 mns agoRalasat Wifimoo Punedrudso 1 hr agoPrimitive Technology: Sandals 1 hr agoTankies get the bullet too 2 hrs agoSorry for Being Gone enjoy the redraw 2 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 31/7/2017 2 hrs agoPence 2024 make gays electrified again 2 hrs ago

This is how people turn to murder

This is how people turn to murder orfe heard Mme tif theirt) ENE: Wandered Whit WU might ' Elf ElliHun: -Iautid Edd h Eddy" ideaseten*I his LEE‘Danny load of shit Get a life.Unlike.