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anon meets a girl in mental hospital

anon meets a girl in mental hospital BOARDS34590491RIK/rak/34590491Another storygget stuck in OCD center because lolfuck you someone else needs your roomdmeet probably the nicest girl evergust wants to live a normal lifewhorrible scarred because ofcompulsions (I didn' t ask specifics)wlecome friends because her tics werefairly easy to deal withsshe would spin three times before shesat down, and every time she walked upthe stairs she would have to put one footon the next step, then bring it back down,go up a step, repeat.She had some speech tics too, but notfull on tourettes.

The UK Needs a Holy Crusade

The UK Needs a Holy Crusade 33114429525 33114425535 33114425532 33114431455 33114431623 3311 4431 978 33114434335 33114434454 : 33114435953 3311443514?33114435542 { 33114433552 3311443451195 3311 “SEEDS 33114435342 33114435924 3311444111 75 ::' 261 ::331145 3311444135?

She wants the Guac. She's down to Guac. She needs the Guac.

Anonymous 03/ 14/ 17( Tue)74 KB JPGI fucked up /cld,tor whatever reason I told a girl at the bar last night thati' m actually a guacamole god among mere mortals andis have her taste the best cuas known to man if shecame over later this evening.Requesting your best guacamole recipes, or theoreticalrecipes, or literally anything, E have never made thisin my life.

Ned Flanders Needs Help

Ned Flanders Needs Help Season 3 episode 3.Quick backstory, Homer wished that Flanders's new store would fail and it did.