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Getting a haircut from walmart.

Getting a haircut from walmart. Jon Snow gets to work in the dragonglass mine 8 mns agoAn obviously true story that really happened 26 mns agoThe more you watch it the funnier it gets 29 mns agoThis is one good blackpill 1 hr agoYep, because that's how you keep allies 1 hr agoAsh gets another kiss, this time from Tapu Lele 1 hr agoMore like KameHAHAmeha, right?1 hr ago

DN 8-10-17: Fake Eclipse glasses, sonic attack!

DN 8-10-17: Fake Eclipse glasses, sonic attack! With Bank Subpoenas, Mueller Is Said to Squeeze ManafortU.The special counsel has also reached out to other business associates, including Manafort’s son-in-law and a Ukrainian oligarch, according to one of the people.

I need a razor scooter

I need a razor scooter Cavagh Conce Bors Aksaids 17 snds agoBollywood Shows Indians how to Poo in Loo 11 mns agoWas reading the MHA when suddenly 46 mns agowhen the anime just right 1 hr agoAnon watches GOT with his mom and sister 1 hr agoA stack of water balloons show what it takes to stop a bullet 1 hr ago/co/mrade asks a question 1 hr agoCharlottesville Becomes /tv/ 2 hrs agotrying to help your duo partner 2 hrs ago

cursed images Bnha edition

cursed images Bnha edition I'm Trying to Create a TV Show 11 mns agoFoki Zexpocislu Sicougnif 17 mns agoUpvote doggo and you'll find love.41 mns agoHow to be Wholesome: The Mind 41 mns agothe only acceptable AMV ever 1 hr agoCharlottesville driver identified on stream 1 hr agoMovitu Ryteretle Neilitty 1 hr agoBanytyo Nardalyevi Fokovacl 1 hr ago

stop giving students false hope

if young rokkai don't trust you.9 mns agoDon't ever join the service 10 mns agoWeapon in hand as they made their stand 16 mns agoone of the only good naruto fillers 19 mns ago/g/entooman will have his revenge 24 mns agoAnon wants to get roasted 32 mns agoTHE MAYOR OF CVILLE WORKED FOR OBAMA'S STATE DEPARTMENT 37 mns agoThis is all I think off when seeing the image 37 mns ago

Anon wants to get roasted

5 Anonymous 08/ 16/ 47( Wed) tyw :21 :44I am feeling the need to be roasted.Don' t hold back.

How to make a proud black woman cry

How to make a proud black woman cry You bet your ass I named him Diego 52 snds agoBreaking News: Cultural stabbing in Finland 2 mns agoThe best revenge of all time 5 mns agoStand Still, Stay Silent ch 1 part 1 11 mns agoClass Action Lawsuit Against Phone Scammers 19 mns agoPolitics are depressing man 32 mns agorussian man finds out gf is weeabo 53 mns ago

Meeko LOVES belly rubs

Meeko LOVES belly rubs Crash Bandicoot 2 ~ WOAH!Memes STRIKE BACK 100% FC 9 mns agoPrelude to Happening #3 - 1/2 9 mns agoHero of Cambrill - Japanese Pottery 14 mns agoSuper Chicken Hero Champion 17 mns agoToday in Wholesome: Black Man Spends Time Befriending KKK Members 24 mns agoHe is called Master Joker for a reason 35 mns agoComics by Rustled Jimmies 44 mns agoCan we force the anti refugee agenda now 47 mns agoLocal man played like a fiddle 51 mns agoMadness At The Core Of Time 57 mns agoThe man the legend and his niece 58 mns agoYou bet your ass I named him Diego 1 hr ago