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Don't mean to point fingers but...

Don't mean to point fingers but... l!ft' rallNearly 200, 000 Californians evacuated due to theOakville Darn reaching a likely catastrophic failure.

It's Trump's Fault

It's Trump's Fault n 48 mins.You may think this isn' t the time to bring up politicshowever this IS Trump' s fault.

Daily News: Mar-22-2017

Daily News: Mar-22-2017 However, the catch is that all exploits need to be fixed within 90 days.However, a commitment to fix exploits within 90 days will be required in order to gain access.

Sesame Street Adventures 116, the return!

Your browser does not support the video tag.Your browser does not support the video tag.

Daily News: June-30-2017

Daily News: June-30-2017 Note: With dedication forA brand new Pokemon Go update has just been released.Instead, they simply announced its release in a tweet and said it aims to “implement bug fixes.

Anon nearly kills virgin with his dick

Anon nearly kills virgin with his dick AUP}nth collegea Highschool seniors a huge gamer, but also super atheleteael' m in loves a virgin4 meme later, we thresholdrel slide into her gently, and we- start fuckingslide.t getting wetter and wetter.

you're nothing now

you're nothing now When a fuze puck dislikes you 5 mns agotough choices make good stories 17 mns agoYou will never be this cool 22 mns agoWardruna - Runaljod - Yggdrasil 23 mns agoReddit has gone full retard on Obamacare repeal 26 mns agoThe Official Jojo Comp Series #29 28 mns agoLeaked red dead redemption 2 video 29 mns agoPerfect mistake for a perfect scene 33 mns ago