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Massive pro-trump rallies accross the nation. Media silent.

Massive pro-trump rallies accross the nation. Media silent. MY SUBREDDITS T FRONT - POPULAR - ALL - RAN DOM - FRIENDS I - TH E_ DCA HALE!(i, reda.

Mar-a-Lago Truth

Mar-a-Lago Truth The Purpose of Mar-A-Lago:The Mar-a-Lago was built in the early 20th century, and is bequeathed to the nation for Presidential use as a winter home.Because it was never used by a president, it had to be returned to the original owner's estate.

The Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation Memes that have a strong sweet flavor with some hints of vanilla 40 snds agoThat's was a pretty big jump in the middle there.20 mns agoFinally started New Vegas, this is my major gripe so far 34 mns agoreply to this post or your mother will 46 mns ago

The most humilating defeat

The most humilating defeat Ll Anonymous (ID: "What nation has historically served the most humiliating defeat?Click here to ViewFile: erna_ ipg (23 KB, 320x352)Date ‘Location Gammon.

Another Golden Shitpost from The Onion

Another Golden Shitpost from The Onion "We don' t really care if you get blazed and play video games, sit home and jerk off, or shoplift abunch of shit at a convenience store as long as you don' t march down the street waving swastikas," saidLoljoke, CO, resident Gregory Stamp, echoing the sentiments of the entire American populace inurging restless and angry young people who find themselves tempted by fascist ideology to try stuffingtheir faces with as many Cheetos as they want or playing the drums as hard as they can at literally anyhour of the day.You want beer and cigarettes?