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Rabi-Ribi review -

Rabi-Ribi review - Rabi-Ribi (short for rabbit ribbon) is the story about a rabbit named Erina who has mysteriously taken on human form and she is later accompanied by a fairy named Ribbon.Erina senses the presence of her master in this new world and sets out to find her.

if only everyone were like this

if only everyone were like this :When I was a freshman in high schoolthere was a boy named Chris who wasa senior who had autism and he reallyloved Hotwheels.He always wanted toshow people his tiny cars and insteadof the popular crowd making fun ofhim they got excited with him.

Anon Deals with Stacy.

Anon Deals with Stacy. Cl Anonymous ) 03: tti: 09 No, 40366186 F403_ 63521tries to trick me into thinking she' s not the normal slut typeMs actually named Stacy, the ironyleft her daddy issues galoreright through itthat ass anyway since she' s smoking hot fer newout later that she does cocaineDent care cause I' not marrying hera bit buzzed one night and head ever her houseehhe' s not there, went out to a party without telling meinvites me in for dinner because she' s a nice persons also super hot, like 25 hot even though she' s 36share a bottle of wine, and lent; story short, one thing leads to another and I end up staying the nightm semes home the next day and sees my shit at her deerWinds me in bed with her momit might be wrang, but I' m in IDVE with Stacys mom

Injustice to a mother

Injustice to a mother About 16 hours ago, a danish woman named Rikke Louise Andersen, a mother uploaded a video of how pissed and angry she is at the goverment because she uploaded the picture of a man who showed his dick to Rikke's daugther and her best friend's daugther.She says in the video that she won't pay that sick ****, no matter how offended he was that his picture was uploaded to facebook.

The School: White Day

The School: White Day Just like the original title, White Day is a first-person adventure game about a student trapped inside his high school after dark while being hunted by a murderous janitor that stalks the school's halls.The remake was created by a company founded by the development team of the first White Day called ROI Games along with another developer named Gachyon Soft.

Crazy Mothafocka Named Ice Cube

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