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anon's tf2 experience

anon's tf2 experience File: (20 KB., 146x146)ITT: Best online gaming experienceslaying TFAsaet my name to President Dwain Trumpo,) oin red teamPstart talking to the guys m my team1* -Start saying we need to build a wall to keep the terrorists outEntire team becomes engineerswe fortify the everyting shit out of our intel room with sentry gunsand dispensersgame I was the top player on my teamstints kicked a kid m em team who said he was Mexican

stolen memes and shit 9

stolen memes and shit 9 And Here I Thought Pearl Loved Cake 4 mns agoI did not just get married fj!17 mns agoРусские слова 22 mns agoToy Story World Confirmed 54 mns agothe Jews fear the samurai,and there's samurai all over the world.

Never go full retard

Never go full retard A Tale of Two Rulers Part 119 2 mns agoLena Dunham has finally gone too far!4 mns agoA Tale of Two Rulers - Full Movie (Zelda Comic Dub) 13 mns agoCooking with Vladi (for joining the list) 20 mns agoAnon has a Maori squadmate 29 mns agoWhen memes hit too close home.