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you can't always get what you want

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Anon has a fetish

Anon has a fetish my finger in s ear deer like a retardfileid up with talliedwhithin the hear whale fucking nail turned blackHer days alter my firestar was in e.paint take the pain I decided I needed drain this fuckermet e paperclip and Mid it ever athe red hat tip and stink it en my minutemailI Mart melting e hele throught the maillike A pig, feeling like We perfecting surgeryMinotar is pulsing like A motherfucker, We in pain but enduring this shit fer another day mule be even worsebleed starts squirting em of my nailHeel the pressure rush em H my finger, ens of the mast relieving I' everwatching the bleed drip tut gt my nail and chanting ewe fer the bleed gee