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My Life In Memes Finally Pt. 13

My Life In Memes Finally Pt. 13 You won't hear about on MSM 18 hrs agoFeel trip to best trainer 19 hrs agoFirst World Problems in Skyrim.22 hrs agoYou can't be white and Swedish.

Mexican't is the Designated Shooter

Mexican't is the Designated Shooter 22 er somethingpnly enough meheh left fer a couple sf boxes worth sf aimewe to the ticket inspector.passas to the penis inspector, almost fail because I didn' t shave but I told them my falcon ate the razer.

/mu/tant takes off his headphones

/mu/tant takes off his headphones he 70849854 OF'llook outside and see the sun shiningsuecide to stop surrounding myself in awall of noise for onceHake headphones offwear birds outside and the general sound of lifeso sereneMake deep breath and soak it all intbagin to be able to hear myself thinkpstart to focus on my own thoughtsthroughts start to spiral out of controleeverything starts speeding upait' s moving too fasteeverything becomes too sharpwetting suicidalpied immense pressure on every sensepears and nose start bleedingturn noise back on and drown everything outeat peace again

Joanna Palani YPG fighter

Joanna Palani YPG fighter Unable to leave her comrades to fight alone, she broke her ban and flew back to Iraq.She walked for seven hours through the night to cross the border into Syria.

Anon punches motel owner.

Anon punches motel owner. E Anonymous ( 7" ) 00: mrdi' 7 No.35068241Well this is it fellow Robots.