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when you get arrested

when you get arrested I'm sick and tired of being forced to defend myself in the comments every time one of these crops up.Today, this was posted by a former player who was arrested in character alongside the other members of a secret order they cropped up.

/tv/ analyzes the newest Netflix series

/tv/ analyzes the newest Netflix series File: IMG dotjpg (16 KB, 182x268)YHERE IS )MYSELFwwent out with guy eberyone warned me about saying he was an assholewe was an assholeffriends grew apart from megguys said i have nice assbircks are assholes but i still interact with them constantlywee asian countried being nice to me and i was a complete cunt and humiliated himwe took seme drawing from my bagwhether nice cute guy likes mebi scream at him and he leaves like i said teeITS HIS FAULT FOR NOT STAYINGwhitness friend get raped and do nothingwe traumatized i Hemetthen to rapists partyjstrap dawn to almost nothingwang out in jacuzziwe semes in and i stay and even smile at himwe gets closewent say mo er even put Lip vague fightGOT REPEL) SURPRISEiviark out en i didnt Disclose any details teewe says there is nothing he can doVWHAT Atthen the tapes i left behind made sameone kill themself.SC) ) m?

please tell me it's fake

please tell me it's fake Anyone know any places to take Jason to for a tattoo?Just has so youngidk any places thaw do it myself, need recommendations/uh Like I Cammenteras/ Like.