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Ken M on Cleanliness

Ken M on Cleanliness When the little old lady doesn't throw any bird seed your way 15 mns agoThe Life of a Plague Doctor Part 2 18 mns agoUpgrade yo weapon arts today with the powah of red coppah!43 mns agoKittens swim up to fishermen for rescue.

now you know it

now you know it what song do you suggest?1 mn agoStill Haven't Watched This 3 mns agoInspirational Witch Kitty 5 mns agoDBZ gifs for your viewing pleasure 5 mns agoThis Week in Stupid (03/09/2017) 17 mns agoMudkip's Stolen Memes #84 20 mns agoSimpsons Memes: Sunday Afternoon Frogurt 27 mns agoFor nightcore lovers only 28 mns agoWe're all living in 2017 while this kid is living in 3017 36 mns ago

Assassin's Creed II review: 'like being a medieval Batman, only with a better sense of humour'

Assassin's Creed II review: 'like being a medieval Batman, only with a better sense of humour' It’s no secret we loved the first Assassin’s Creed – maybe even a little too much.Neither, it seems, did the developers of Assassin’s Creed II.

Photos banned by the USSR

Photos banned by the USSR Soviet marketing; the shelves seem to be full but with 3 different kinds of canned fish and bottles with refined oil.Often, factories arranged for some "deficit" food to be sold to their workers, but no more than such and such an amount per person.

Red Tail Boa Skull

Red Tail Boa Skull Stole from imgurRed Tail Boa that died several years ago.Skinned it, take out organs.

What would you do?

What would you do? They couldn't make enough plaques for my fails 22 hrs agoI For One Welcome Our New Fast Food Overlords 18 hrs agoguy gets sucker punched by female then delivers equality 17 hrs agoI Wish Someone Could Hire Me For Their Meme Marketer 20 hrs agoThis genders are getting out of hand 18 hrs agoDon't appropriate your own character.22 hrs agoCursed Images, just fug me up fam 10 hrs agoSilly woman, you knew damn well I was a snake 23 hrs agoIt's not a bug, it's a feature 15 hrs ago