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Anon drives to work

Anon drives to work Anonymous mow/ 01: 15] 112178539.ago onbbe meon outskirts metropolitan areasevera day make this commute on freeway000 people use it everyday and pay tollsis only 4 lanes, 2 lanes each directiontthey' been doing road work for over 4fucking yearsnnothing has changedday it' s bumper to bumpereevery other day there is a car crashroad's minutes to everyone' s commutehoundreds of thousands in property damageseach yearbajillions spent on laborit' s just brown people working on theroadlitterally just 6 people standing there watchingone person dig with a shovel

How the Arab Spring began.

How the Arab Spring began. IE' i View Reply Original ReportQuoted By: ::Mow this guy unintentionally destroy ed the Arab WorldAnonymous Gun 12 Feb 2017 : 15: 52 Reportpng.jpgGoogle limb do ' average blokeAnonymous Sun 12 Feb 2017 10: 33: 33.