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Hug me I'm scared

Hug me I'm scared Hidden trash within us all 23 hrs agoStory Time- Awkward Bathroom Adventures 18 hrs agoHow to run DOOM on Porsche 911 21 hrs agoToast n' Ted - R E A L I T Y 02/20/2017big reveal - imagnet comic 21 hrs agoWhen a girl approaches me 17 hrs agoRacism Simulator Extension 21 hrs agoWho's a good gun, you are 21 hrs ago

May Be Moving Soon.......

May Be Moving Soon....... THE (ttll/ - " " realizes lit SIMlie dalle / ital" EHIM stateEHIM itTHE ERR M , baltics/the El.I The thepenner Texas is mains with his the shine a nature trail.

Lube the gas chamber

Lube the gas chamber I Anonymous DEW )I read a simple gun cleaning guide on the that said "lube all moving pans ALL OF THEM"later that day I encountered a post on Ad that mentioned avoiding tubing the gas chamber.Basu 'r:on , 1% slugga( 17 we 402x402, "leage.