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MovieBob Reviews: GET OUT

MovieBob Reviews: GET OUT But the notion that Get Out is Jordan Peele’s (or any director’s) debut feature film is unbelievable even when you know it to be an absolute fact.But just from the trailers you already know that Get Out is supposed to be a horror movie “about racism” – but that’s something of a coy oversimplification.

MovieBob Reviews - KONG: SKULL ISLAND

MovieBob Reviews - KONG: SKULL ISLAND If said film also decides to a giant monster movie?And I was overall very much onboard with Kong: Skull Island.

MovieBob Reviews: BEAUTY & THE BEAST (2017)

MovieBob Reviews: BEAUTY & THE BEAST (2017) The Jungle Book remake was an interesting attempt to decouple the original story from Kipling’s implicit racism and explicit colonialist romanticism.Beauty & The Beast, on the other hand, has no such pretense – likely because it doesn’t think it needs to.

MovieBob Reviews: POWER RANGERS (2017)

MovieBob Reviews: POWER RANGERS (2017) Full disclosure: I was about 5 or 6 years too old when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first hit to have any kind of real nostalgic appreciation for it.What I can tell you is that, yes, Power Rangers effectively delivers on the promise of a big-budget blockbuster version of an episode of the original series.


MovieBob Reviews: THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS At this point, the Fast & Furious franchise represents something like the longest ironic joke ever told to global movie audiences.When exactly did a crew of street-racing reprobates and (literal) highway-robbers transform fully into a team of justice-seeking mercenaries for hire?

MovieBob Reviews: FREE FIRE (2017)

MovieBob Reviews: FREE FIRE (2017) A movie premise doesn’t get much simpler than Free Fire.There are about 13 criminals of various stripes meeting in an abandoned warehouse to make a gun deal.

MovieBob Reviews: THE CIRCLE

MovieBob Reviews: THE CIRCLE ” we’re expected to be innately terrified of the Millennial workspace aesthetic.Hell, Uber’s recent transgressions alone could fill up a movie, probably.


MovieBob Reviews: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 As has been noted elsewhere, it’s getting to the point where Marvel Cinematic Universe movies can only be properly reviewed against each other.They have a lot of difficulty with Number 2’s.


MovieBob Reviews: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING It’s better than the two Amazing Spider-Man movies (because everything is better than the Amazing Spider-Man movies – yikes!) How much it feels like it “matters” in the grand Marvel meta-narrative and B.


MovieBob Reviews: WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES This necessitates a mass escape and a final battle that will decide the future of both species.There is a big military conflict you could call a “war.

MovieBob Reviews: DUNKIRK (2017)

MovieBob Reviews: DUNKIRK (2017) “The Dunkirk Evacuation” (also known as “The Miracle at Dunkirk”), a strategic retreat from France back across the English Channel by beleaguered British and Allied forces during the early phase of World War II.Ultimately leading Churchill to order civilian boats from England to mobilize for the rescue while the stranded soldiers held out as best they could.

MovieBob Reviews: ATOMIC BLONDE

MovieBob Reviews: ATOMIC BLONDE You absolutely do get Charlize Theron as a bad-ass spy who tears apart attackers like a human Terminator.It’s refreshing (if, of course, viscerally disturbing) that they don’t indulge in the cliche of female action heroes magically recovering from all battle-blemishes between scenes.

MovieBob Reviews: DETROIT (2017)

MovieBob Reviews: DETROIT (2017) Detroit is a fact-based procedural drama from Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal (both late of The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty).It’s about “The Algiers Motel Incident,” an infamous night-long instance of race-related police brutality taking place in Detroit.

MovieBob Reviews: THE DARK TOWER

MovieBob Reviews: THE DARK TOWER Is The Dark Tower good?It’s a big-budget movie supposedly adapting an 8-book series chopped down to about 90 minutes being dumped in early August, so… no, not really.

MovieBob Reviews: WIND RIVER (2017)

MovieBob Reviews: WIND RIVER (2017) Set almost entirely in the frozen wilderness in and around Wyoming’s impoverished Wind River Indian Reservation, our story follows Jeremy Renner as a bitterly divorced U.Fish & Wildlife agent tasked with controlling the encroachment of large predators into the Reservation.


MovieBob Reviews - ANNABELLE: CREATION From the looks of things, they hired a good director with something to prove (David F.Sandberg, late of the solid Lights Out and currently slated to helm that Shazam movie Warner Bros still claims to be making).

MovieBob Reviews: LOGAN LUCKY

MovieBob Reviews: LOGAN LUCKY The short version is, it’s a heist comedy: Channing Tatum is an unjustly-fired (pre-existing condition, insurance, etc.That’s the basic idea, particularly given that it’s the (theatrical) “comeback” movie for recently un-retired Ocean’s director Steven Soderbergh.