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Ted you fucking moron

Ted you fucking moron Looks like Lisa is Enjoying Herself 5 mns agoDo Not Fist Android Girls 6 mns agoUS president bans Transgender from joining the military 8 mns agoWe’re a long way from Texas … 13 mns agoDoseittuc Nopluni Cietachu 14 mns agoFallout: New Vegas- True Ending 33 mns agothings got a little weird last night 43 mns ago

Fat Anon Goes to the Gym

Fat Anon Goes to the Gym AI and Humans now have the same rights in China 4 mns ago"People said we were bad" 4 mns agoThat's none of my business though 14 mns agoWhen netflix and chill is not going as planned 19 mns agoI wonder if they said no homo 29 mns ago