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Anon's theory on why some men prefer traps

Theory: I think the reasen traps seem attractive m modern guys is bceause they simply act and dress likesubmissive WOMEN.The reasen why this is such a big deal is be modem day women dress end actextremely unattractive and ''dominant" and itjust turns guys eff.

modern women in a nutshell

modern women in a nutshell MIGRANT CRISIS IN EUROPESyrian migrant rapist who attacked FAIschoolgirl escapes Swiss jail and goes onthe run with female prison guard who fell forhimmiles police have released photos imprison guard Angela (pictured Mill, who thursay is on the run withher lover Hassan aw.Mm'.

Trump got Stumped after he Humped.

Trump got Stumped after he Humped. I taft play Call of Duty anymore and this iswhy.I was playing Modern Warfare 2, I' m onlytwo kills from getting the nuke, and this punkmob tubes me.

Pokemon, but for modern times.

Pokemon, but for modern times. Mudkip's Stolen Memes #40 1 mn agoWhen a black cat and 13 kittens in a pile is actually not unlucky 2 mns agoPiexhucofo Laifi Saciavabt 7 mns agoJoJo's Bizarre Summer Break Chapters 37 and 38 12 mns agowhen the enemy Evie gets too greedy 19 mns agoMRW i type in reverse physiology instead of reverse psychology 22 mns agoThis dump reminds me of a puzzle 29 mns agoGreat guide on how to improve aim 29 mns agoHoist with your own petard 32 mns ago