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Daily News April 25-2017

Daily News April 25-2017 The remains of 15 partial skeletons belonging to the species Homo naledi were described in 2015.New dating evidence places the species in a time period where Homo naledi could have overlapped with early examples of our own kind, Homo sapiens.

The Surge Combat Trailer

The Surge Combat Trailer Focus Home Interactive's and Deck13's attempt at a Souls-like game in a sci-fi setting, The Surge, has received a new trailer.What we have there are roughly two minutes of gameplay footage showing off the game's combat, as the article's title might suggest.

Welcome to the real world

Welcome to the real world So im thinking of streaming an oblivion playthrough 4 mns ago4th of July in the rice fields 9 mns agoOh there once was a swagman camped in the billabongs 18 mns ago7 stages of not sleeping at night 26 mns agoWhen FJ Thinks That America Posts Are Over Now That it is July 5 28 mns agoLet loose the Memes of War 40 mns ago

Anon is a father

Anon is a father 10 26 minutes agoPNG 366.4 Kib 469x537sbe a fatherMohave 13 year old son4 always knew he' d grow up to be a loseryhe' s a complete nerd, really into star warssalsa claims he is a ""yhe says he identifies as the Forcemot even Darth Vader or Luke, just thefucking Forceshe has long hairorder him to get a haircut (maybe hecould get a or something if he didn' t looklike a damn hobo)aafter twenty minutes he walks into theroom, his hair still long as shitask him why he didn' t get a haircuts" l like my hair, it' s my choice dad!

Typical sjw and star wars

Typical sjw and star wars Ac Trumph supporters, why do you support a bigot?Askreddit)submitted 41 minutes ago byV 52 comments share save hide give gold reportsorted by: best ‘IFyou are viewing a single comment' s thread.

Anon tastes oneitis' pee

Anon tastes oneitis' pee File:.(21 KB, 250x209)restudying with ileitis in libraryirn gun he go to the washroom: anew“memes back a senile of minutes latermyself and go into the samewashroompee all layer the seat and lap it upwe sit back down with herMewhen we' re leaving she says "we see, gotta use the bathroom"I-" did you just go?