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/v/irgin embraces his autistic side while playing vidya

/v/irgin embraces his autistic side while playing vidya 3 Kib 480x480ITT: Autistic shit you do in vidyaanyone else?6 repliesNo.

So i was watching the new episode of primitive Technology...

Berta Lovejoy is minutes agoHow many times do I have to tell you to get a female host, Primitive Technology?I' m sick and tired of you being the soleprotagonist of your own show, as it' s really getting routine and stale.

Reviewbrah is my cocaine

Reviewbrah is my cocaine Tail, , ltot?Hey its me your son, you left me at wendy' syears agos Son.

Can't fit it in

Can't fit it in Dr.Jordan Peterson Reacts to Being banned from YouTube by Google 13 mns agoSo Ubisoft has a new logo 17 mns agoHave you tried google translate?