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Jasper Has A Nightmare

Jasper Has A Nightmare Dutch Dank Stank Comp: 5# 20 hrs agoHow To Be A Great Rommate!21 hrs agoGrandpa's overwatch meme cataclysm 14 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 54 23 hrs agogot flagged have this instead 19 hrs agoShariah Is The Way To Womens Freedom 22 hrs agoGood.

Elizabeth You Rotten Child

Elizabeth You Rotten Child I oen' t firdt myphone.You are an awful mild.

1:00 vs 0:60

1:00 vs 0:60 Thisis a an I mama question, but the answer ha sheen bugging me far a magHammy POn I , if you push tio, llama it will wait far EU ammanda m an minute.Fairway men _AND if gran aha urn: HI!

The Robots are Devolving

The Robots are Devolving 4(: Back Edna Ward (-a minute agoa minute agoI I' m bored lady and I am Ijust searching for somesizzling chat lolyou want to play this interminator role 'iiia minute agorobot, no way?, randomhot girl finds my kika minute agoI you want to play this interminator role ;Holy shit, I broke therobota minute agoI you want to play this interminator role ' iti)in Robota minute agoyou want to play this inI terminator rolea minute agoI would you like to tradesome shots or perhapssome videos hahah '?

anon shares a story

anon shares a story s.riu'.