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Mike "Watt The Cock" Pence

Mike "Watt The Cock" Pence H a MESSAGES nowMike Pence.,Found you.

Daily News April 19 2017

Daily News April 19 2017 Mexican Ex-governor to be extradited to both the USA and Mexico to face justice I swear to god at this point every mexican governor is a criminalThe United states and Mexico announced that the ex-governor of the state of Tamaulipas-Mexico Tomas Yarrington will be extradited from Italy to the two neighbor countries.After a careful analysis of evidence and charges in USA and Mexico against Yarrington and in accordance to the priority of the extradition requests, the United States of America and Mexico have agreed to send a request to the Italian Justice Minister to allow priority to the United states extradition application and also give autorization to the Mexican extradition request.

40 acres and a shooting spree

40 acres and a shooting spree Mike I RetweetedOliver Darcy's @ rimFresno shooting spree suspect enters courtroom yelling, “Black people needreparations" & "Let black people gorFresno shooting spree: 'Let black people gol' Kori Muhammad y.Kori Ali Muhammad made his first court appearance Friday, April 21,since the deadly attacks that left four men dead in Fresno.