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Anon on Migrant Rapists

Anon on Migrant Rapists Mun Diversity " Religion of Pet.)Facebook rape gang who wooedgirls online then plied them withdrink and drugs before attackingthem is jailed for 44 ye areBy Alex Matthews For Gaiaonline19: 07 GMT no Jan an 7, updated 19: 49 can as Jan 20172927.

Putin Speaks about Migrant Child Rape

Putin Speaks about Migrant Child Rape The Court mend him "net guilty’ based anIll two things = the migrant didn’ t speak thean language at his host mu ntry.and he did nutA migrant has just raped a child in time at the , _.

Erdogan wants to take Europe

Erdogan wants to take Europe Officials across the continent are expecting Erdogan to square up to Brussels, reinstating the death penalty and demanding visa-free travel within the EU’s Schengen area.The increasingly authoritarian Turkish president, who narrowly won a referendum granting him more control over key areas of the government, made an agreement with the EU to home some three million migrants during the height of the migrant crisis.