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How does Merkel sleep at night?

How does Merkel sleep at night? Claudia Letiziaan Met Benn Domenico in em Uni emf derI nton e' detetion___in am HELPMan hat hm wen ninten eine Pat h den Kopfrangethe Madien spielen ewes HunterDas ist schlimm undIhr trom Jas awn germ Lane Dian mein Soon v' webelkenWe Lem: W Reageren e [miensci'54.

/fit/izen gets a number

/fit/izen gets a number C) Anonymous 0311611 7( Thu).52 No.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother did i make it in time?still topic right?

The most obvious answer

The most obvious answer MI Elms EditedWhat does HP means?HE Points?

US charity worker freed after 3yrs in Egyptian detention

US charity worker freed after 3yrs in Egyptian detention US charity worker freed after 3yrs in Egyptian detention Click to block a category: Toshiro prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Newly released Egyptian-American charity worker visits TrumpPresident Donald Trump met Friday at the White House with an Egyptian-American charity worker who was freed after nearly three years of detention in Egypt.“We are very happy to have Aya back home and it’s a great honor to have her in the Oval Office,” Trump said.

4chan on a 6 year old daughter

4chan on a 6 year old daughter thanks he s use tune 6 year Nd daughter hes my hear weeks Is heI decided Is reed the perverts take my mind it and s suicide hconner in has tilted it new in a market place.

/pol/ Resents a Possible Future

/pol/ Resents a Possible Future how long until this becomes real lifewe meawake upmet told by the girl i slept with that i raped her, she took back consent after we woke upsshe wont do anything isayseat breakfastawalk to classmass cis gender male and call him a cuck as the 34th amendment sayswee a toastdragon walking a cisgender male on a leashmet to classwee my teacher raise her hands up and show how she is fighting the Patriarchy by dyeing her armpit hair greeneberyone applaudsmmy classmates talk about how cis people are Ming the country and oppressing themsour president is a gender fluid femalellook the in the eye and tell her shes crazy and is oppressing metthe teacher calls security because i mentally raped herwet taken to jailprejudge and look down while i get a sentenceamendment says all cis males get an automatic 40 years for "eye rape".also not allowed to have a lawyerraise get an extra IO years for be racists and not looking at prejudgeoi sleep in a cage outside with a sleeping bag on concrete and a bucket for the bathroomMater that week i get charged with rape when my girlfriend tells the cops i raped her after she withdrew consentwe back to courtHell the judge a niggerian and gamerkill hertthe cops are to scared to stop me from identifying as a niggeressentually a cop tells me to put my hands uptthe cop is arrestedwe claims hes cookin and is just identifyingwho tries to stop the cookin is also arrested and charged with hate crimeswmm the second cop is cookin