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How Anon met his girlfriend

How Anon met his girlfriend Alright guys, we had spec ed kids and tards at our school- here' s one of the highlightssbe mestill in highschoolyourside having a smoke during lunchscpec ed girl walks out towards messhe' s like 5' 4", and ugly as fucks" hey anon, can i have a smoke?‘skive the bitch a smokespuddenly another spec ed kid comes outT".

The conditions have been met

The conditions have been met Random Stuff your Grandfather brings up at Dinners 4 mns agoAlways know there's help if you need it 6 mns agoDC what are you doing, they even named her ISIS jfc 8 mns agoCome for Rhodesia and the Boers, stay because plane was stolen 40 mns agoWhat an innocent and pure soul 45 mns ago

How mom and dad met

How mom and dad met That's enough internet for today 11 mns agoWhen you catch yourself stealing from you 37 mns agoThe Rising of the Shield Hero Ch.4-2 41 mns agoThe Rising of the Shield Hero Ch.

Anon tells the story of his conception

File: (47 KB, 800x530)Cl Anonymous 0811 at 1 T( Wed) 1 3: 14: 13 -emem telling me the story haw her and my dad metmmy mom is white american, my dad is full arabicmmom proceeds to explain they met over 15 years ago over an internet chat momthat my dad' s english was probably shit at that time cause he still lived in Jordan, a countryall the memes about arab/ indians dudes harassing white girls aminekl can nest the wistsmmfw i realize that i was most send: levee from my dad saying "hale l: beutiful show bob"meant to say indian'