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Guat Vighemy Ighit Fimby

Guat Vighemy Ighit Fimby dank WebM compilation (pt 87) 17 hrs agoi quess it was inevitable 22 hrs agoDeathclaw 61-69 (the last dump) 23 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #9 16 hrs agoTrump driving to Capitol Hill 21 hrs agoFAKE NEWS?I'VE BEEN DIDDLED AGAIN 16 hrs agoWhite and Black trash in peace 18 hrs agoWhat will he say first, FJ?

Good... Good. Destroy each other.

Good... Good. Destroy each other. eomTransgender ActivistsUpset Over 'White GsWomen Match'Wernett' s ma rah 'dangerous aee'with 'oppressive message’ thathaving a tea ina is essential tolil sues:.we Elizabeth Harrington 5' ' "“'-""9January as?

Put On A Grave Face

Put On A Grave Face :::::::::::::::It's a chilly night on a poorly-lit sidewalk as Ronnie makes his way to the late night fast foodery.Like a shy flasher, Ronnie opens the jacket lightly to give the admirer a peek at his flowery shirt.

15 frames of fame

15 frames of fame :::::::::::I first tried it with a green-painted chair so that it, too, could be removed via chroma-key.None could fathom the horror of the flabby bikini man floating in mid-air, as though God had forsaken both man and physical laws.

Whatever Happened to M dude Jones

Whatever Happened to M dude Jones But I've found that the most effective technique is telling them about the Ronnie.The elders believe I'm telling tall tales of the massive disappointment of a human that you are.

First encounter of the Ronnie kind

First encounter of the Ronnie kind ::::::::::::Upon initiation, new employees are educated on the Ronnie phenomenon.If you don't know what he looks like, a mere glance in his direction will produce an almost sub-sonic rumbling.

Medical Bill $24,601

Medical Bill $24,601 ::::::::::::::::::Subscribe to Jokes Sang Opera-Style In Doctor's Offices to receive your first volume for half price!The collection includes such hits as "My Arm Hurts When I Move It This Way," "I'd Like A Second Opinion," and the smash hit that dominated the novelty song album charts for two straight weeks, "It Hurts Wherever You Touch Because Your Finger Is Broken.