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/b/tard goes on a date.

/b/tard goes on a date. Why do I always messeverything up /b/ res?sbe mesets me up15 KB JPG with a blind dateup on time dressed wellsshe is way too hot for mesuecide I need to be funny to keep herinterestedKnight goes on and we' re just talkingball is goodsshe says she takes care of her sisters kidwhile she is in jailbasks me if I like kids3: -now' s my chance, don' t want to be boringmay "I love kids!

Don't Mess with Animals

Don't Mess with Animals God Emperor vs.Fatboy Kim III 21 hrs agoIs CNN rooting for admin?

Trump supporters clean up Antifa mess.

Trump supporters clean up Antifa mess. Liberals versus math, who will win?23 hrs agoLateral trash from the land of Azeban 14 hrs agoThe cutest mascot that ever existed 22 hrs agoWell, that's one solution.

Don't mess with Texas

Don't mess with Texas File its HE.)inbe me230th rednecknowere talking full blewn, ARI , , Texan redneckMave 2 mil hem nearest human and IO miles hem nearest tenurewatching shitty reality TV ens eveningasters naked we Texan summers and my wage ass can‘: efface AICIeat abide: , hear ear pulling up in drivewayipgnut window, see shitter 199% Toyota severed inteenagers in what he guessing was supposely m be "scarf totem attire the nutstring of vandalism in inset news, lightbulb gees effgryla rifle, threw en nearest pair beets and quietly em back deerHun slew; pirating amend trailer harping be eaten the little nuggets in the areUnhear seem indistinct talking en side apposite mine, figure its my shamedramatically jump em with rifle up and start thinking messing ta say like "wan he die?

Germany is a mess

Germany is a mess 5 Anonymous (ID: (llr)The german media and governmet(.You might remember the Ikea from yesterday?