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Anon is a Melee player

Anon is a Melee player i AnonymousHave never wanted deathmere than this momentaki Melee artistWave dedicated tee muchfucking time to itthrain Captain Falconeel i blend in with normiesssaid nannies eema up to me and likeYo anon, were cool at We' re gems havea party and females are staying the night.fee in?

ANA Come to Report

ANA Come to Report TrashCat will stab you with stolen memes 15 hrs agoHow to solve puzzles [Breath of the Wild] 18 hrs agoThis is a real thing that exists in a video game 21 hrs agoThis is never getting old, is it?15 hrs agowhy do you want to be oppressed so badly?

Anon becomes a normie.

Anon becomes a normie. Anonymouswe out with coworkersshave a couple drinksawe go to a small clubyhave a couple more drinkspstart dancing1* -get mere and more into itppretty soon We totally cut Leeseand dancing like nothing matters, having a blasteeven sing along a few times to Songs i' d normallydismiss as pleb trash124 KB JPGam I a normie now?sounds like you had a good time with some friends,and whats more you did it in public at anestablishment meant for that kind of thing.