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Illegal Alien has a breakdown

123 comments share save hide give gold reportt H: 21 points 1 day agoSo if you' re undocumented do you pay taxes?icke-imk embed save report cloist' gold replypoints 11 hours agob Why should we pay taxes exactly?

Liberal logic 101: Gun laws

Liberal logic 101: Gun laws That Diglett Must Have High CP116020 hrs ago Crushing metal pipes with hydraulic pres105923 hrs ago Anon is a metal gear enthusiast95423 hrs ago American marketing at its finest8849 hrs ago MSNBC ""accidentally"" plays kfc ad84721 hrs ago 1st Donation to the Great Wall of Trump78721 hrs ago Female privilege in action72220 hrs ago /pol/ is for serious stuff55923 hrs ago Animals VS Laser Pointers50818 hrs ago /k/ommando discovers a new kind of lube41523 hrs ago