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Trans-Women is ABUSED on dating site

Trans-Women is ABUSED on dating site started with online dating during her transitionElle was in her freshman year and made foray on CraigslistSince then, the Pennsylvania native has tried various has acquireda knowledge ofthe online dating sceneThe model frequently shares social media poets details the abusive commentsalso men when they discover also is transgenderi Saga kneaded when it comes to dating trans people.which shepoints out H ‘just We regular dating'She acknowledges that people are entitled to their individual dating preferencesbut that they should express their destroyin a more open and diplomatic vraiTm sure when you tah about your type of person.

Anon's theory on why some men prefer traps

Theory: I think the reasen traps seem attractive m modern guys is bceause they simply act and dress likesubmissive WOMEN.The reasen why this is such a big deal is be modem day women dress end actextremely unattractive and ''dominant" and itjust turns guys eff.

Language trends across the U.S.

Language trends across the U.S. Petition for new aquaman media 15 mns agoI guess he still loves her?20 mns agoFunny Parenting Tweets Of The Year So Far 26 mns agoTHUMB THIS UP OR I SWEAR ILL DO IT 33 mns agoUltra Beast reference sheets 37 mns agoThe Roach Farmer of /fit/ 58 mns agoFriends Are Scared of Fire 58 mns agosick sniping skills matey 58 mns agoLooking out for one another 1 hr agoA great bonding experience 1 hr agoGremblo Twitter Escapades 1 hr ago

Why do women get better grades than men?

Why do women get better grades than men? If Anonymous (ID: ) E 14 July 2017 ' Friday, AM v 'l 3362 0866 33621164 33621453 3133622651 * 133624362 33628 333 3363 365733634484 31Don' t females generally score better academically?13361‘ r' 662 v 3613361611?

is he right or just a crazy neckbeard?

is he right or just a crazy neckbeard? I can understand why large numbers of young men and middle aged men are committingsuicide (self.People who don' t realize this Just haven' t run into the proper knowledge I suppose.

How to respond to a man-hater

How to respond to a man-hater 1 pointWELL, men are still trolling here.Step it up, or ask for help.

"Men get abused too"

muck: one e Mumo newFamous: skewed one oi someoneAbuse Moog; now male money: go;one Verna‘: Manner: nonwrong; MonsFamous!Harriet Norrman Von 'no Me women onpreference no mm men n mo gore goonsome Mm:.

/b/ does gangbang math

/b/ does gangbang math There are 5 men forming a circle around a girl and jacking off to her, as part of a gangbang.The circle' s larger, the girl' s getting farther and the sweaty men arecloser to one another to see her, rubbing on each other.