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joke a day 53

A British General had sent some of his men off to fight for their country in the Falkland Island Crisis.Upon returning to England from the South American island, three soldiers that had distinguished themselves in battle were summoned to the General’s office.

Happy women's equality day

Happy women's equality day Memes that are crispy on the outside but moist on the inside 21 hrs agoMainstream media these days 23 hrs agoMAN STABBED FOR NAZI HAIRCUT A FAKE: STORY WAS MADE UP 20 hrs agoAnon has a long way to go 22 hrs agoADMIN LAUNCHES MISSILE OVER JAPAN 22 hrs agoAnon looks forward to moving to Japan 21 hrs ago

why is a ship called she

why is a ship called she Venezuela, how did it collapse?6 mns agoTrying to make your way through Harvest Valley in Dark Souls 2 24 mns agoThe stuff you find on google earth.

FJ, Are women becoming obsolete?

FJ, Are women becoming obsolete? anyone know how to fix this in h1z1 10 mns agoMy Little Adventure Party Academia 16 mns agoBat gets into Irish Kitchen, hilarious commentary ensues 18 mns agoYou wont eat Pork after watching this!19 mns agoCanibus interviewed by D-Ex on PhatClips (1998) 28 mns agoreference for later, move along 35 mns agoHelp stop maid abuse with a like 48 mns ago

Tough guy videos have a hidden message about men, mental health, and suicide

Tough guy videos have a hidden message about men, mental health, and suicide The Movember Foundation, an international men's health charity, knows how to find novel ways to talk about uncomfortable subjects like prostate cancer and suicide prevention.Now the foundation's latest effort makes clever use of traditional internet gold: the how-to video.

Where boys become men

Where boys become men WHEN YOU WANT TO BECOME DINO NUGGIES IN REAL LIFE 18 mns agoSad Truth about school.29 mns ago“Would you like a Heat Badge?

whatever you can carry

whatever you can carry now this IS what i want :) 1 mn agoAll Around Me Are Familiar Faces 59 mns agoYou got your beard stuck in the wrong letterbox 2 hrs agowhen the entire cs-go lobby is drunk off vodka 2 hrs agoWhat do you think of Reimu 2 hrs agoAre you suggesting what really happened, HAPPENED?3 hrs ago

"Men have it easier than women."

"Men have it easier than women." Don't appropriate your own character.51 mns agoA certain scientific snuggle 1 hr agoThey couldn't make enough plaques for my fails 1 hr agoLET ME TELL YOU ABOUT BACK IN MY DAY 1 hr agoNorth Korea is Best Korea 1 hr agoWhen admin has to remind you that you're a loser 2 hrs agoSilly woman, you knew damn well I was a snake 2 hrs agoBrock Turner now in Criminology 101 textbooks 2 hrs ago