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Audi done fucked up.

Audi done fucked up. Audi.Audi.

Matt Groening might be a wizard

Matt Groening might be a wizard Justin's Wholesome Comics/Memes #18 22 hrs agoawesome lightsaber fighting 19 hrs agoSwedish cop telling the truth 22 hrs agoPirates of the Caribbean is Back!20 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 6/2/2017 20 hrs agoThe Empire should have won the war 20 hrs agoMuslims: Islam the "peaceful" religion 23 hrs agoWSJ predicts Super Bowl LI 20 hrs agoHE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT 20 hrs ago5 TIME!

Compilation of the media's "Doublethink"

Compilation of the media's "Doublethink" gfl The Huffington Past.theory.

/pol/itician does math.

/pol/itician does math. deed '?( Tue) 1& Ma' 08Jra'Europeans the other murdered ‘ISMAfricans.

Perfect men don't ex

Perfect men don't ex Edit InfoGary, 22less than a mile awayThis app fuels the female egotisticaland narcissistic nature by giving themthe seffie culture they crave and atsmorgasbord of cock to choose from.This in turn transforms most of thesegirls into picky bitches with shittyattitudes, who believe they arespecial snowflakes".

/pol/ discusses Shaun King.

/pol/ discusses Shaun King. Shrinking ""'If white men were banned from America,sex crimes against children wouldPLUMMET.I' m serious.