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For honor comp 2

For honor comp 2 Nobushi as a knightSpeaking of which, why doesn't each class get a different faction skin?to get ****** over and then start a massive **** off war, weakening the three factions, so some other ****** can come in and take all the land for themselves?

Every thigh guy can agree

Every thigh guy can agree Immigration is a privilege, not a right.23 hrs agoThe Current State of Affairs 22 hrs agoGirl hits a guy twice her size, gets hit right back.

Shia Labeouf in DnD

Shia Labeouf in DnD PerformanceSenses Passive Perception l 1Languages CommonChallenge 5 (1, 800 )Shia Surprise.that can seeSongs tell of a creature that lives deep in thedark woods, spending its nights "killing forsport" and Eating all the bodies.

Here's where that viral defiant meme about the London attack came from

Here's where that viral defiant meme about the London attack came from Hours after the bombings, people from all over the world started posting tributes and artwork on the website We're Not Afraid (which now appears to be defunct).As the Guardian reported, the images ranged from the Underground logo with "Still not scared" superimposed to "sleeping dogs and cats with the phrase 'I am not afraid.

God save our gracious meme 171

God save our gracious meme 171 Hot single trashcans in your local area 17 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #32 16 hrs agomost realistic dialogue in gaming 23 hrs agoThe irony in this is just sad 23 hrs agoSome relaxing Pixel art part 9 16 hrs agoMy Life In Memes Finally Pt.21 15 hrs agoDon't let your dreams be dreams 22 hrs ago♫Things are gonna get a little wild♫ 17 hrs agoThe second you start enjoying nature 22 hrs agoBest way to spend your life 22 hrs agoterror attacks are part of living in a big city 11 hrs ago