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Meme Ball Anicap Comp

Meme Ball Anicap Comp Not so good trash but happy trash 22 hrs agoMy Dad Can Beat up Your Dad 22 hrs agoShowing Their True Colors 23 hrs agoRandom interesting facts for y'all 20 hrs agoCNN: "DON'T SAY IT'S FAKE NEWS!" 21 hrs ago4CHAN IS TAKING BACK THE MEMES 19 hrs agoDay Without Immigrants, You're Fired!

mother finds anon's meme stash

mother finds anon's meme stash Yesterday, I finally got my chance to discover what was going on when he left his laptopunlocked and I was astonished at what I found.My son' s 'Pictures' folder is truly immense, containing many tens of thousands of images,Of these, roughly a third appear to be of standard meme and reaction images (althoughfairly obscure by the standards of an old fogey like myself), another third are of Japaneseanimated women, and the final third are appallingly racist.

A tech company just gave walking meme Ken Bone a job as 'chief people officer'

A tech company just gave walking meme Ken Bone a job as 'chief people officer' With a perfectly corny, safely politically neutral ad about politics, undecided voter Ken Bone is still squeezing out the last drops of internet fame.That was enough for him to be quickly embraced as the much-needed "can't we all just get along" meme of the moment.

Anon goes to gym

Anon goes to gym Anonymous I 35055106 Acum 38 min."-I wtfe fell for the "just get fit bro" memeabought an expensive gymmembershipffirst day in the gym I blew out myrectum deadliftingRobots weren' t build to get fit7 REPLIES 4 IMAGES REPLYAnonymous I 35055336 Acum 27 min.