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A libgirls denial story (muahahaoflore)

A libgirls denial story (muahahaoflore) >I have a selfie with Hillary and went to law school in the Midwest so I know how the media rigs elections>Jackie, put down the red wine bottle and step away>Look around Jackie I'm holding iceberg chunks Evn tho they are probably ********, Jackie has some cool friends, they seem like nice people to hang out with.Jackie gonna be fine.

Bill Nye talking about race

Bill Nye talking about race If Shepard Went to Andromeda 21 hrs agoCurl up in bed alone trash 10 hrs agoUnited Airlines situation so burgers can understand more easily 22 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 104 18 hrs agoif shepard went to andromeda 12 hrs agoWatching horror movie with the beauty app filter 10 hrs agoUnited Airlines updates their app 12 hrs agoMiss Kobyashis Dragon Maid in a Nutshell 04/11/2017Two types of Destiny players.19 hrs agoFlash's Super move in Injustice 2 is insane 13 hrs ago#healthism strikes again.

anon is the last of his line

anon is the last of his line U Anonymous (( yesd) 19: 40: 13 No.36397347 F ::23 USP:mmfw i am the only family member bearing my paternal surname who can hare childrenfather is too old to have more childrenuncle' s useless wife gave him 2 daughters and they dooit plan to have moreaunt' s children got ' s surnamemy dynasty will literally end because i am worthless