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Show Us Your Keyboard

Show Us Your Keyboard While all of us at Kotaku are big fans of typing, a handful of us have started taking our love of keyboards to the next level.There’s nothing like a good mechanical keyboard, especially when you take extra steps to make it your very own.

Mechs get sleepy too

Mechs get sleepy too i fucking love when D.Va gets hit with Ana' ssleep dart she' s not asleep, the fuckingmech isshe' s in there furiously wiggling the controlsticks like thistti,HER FACE THOUGHLikeHOWNO REALLY HOWIS THIS HAPPENINGHOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE HOW ISIT POSSIBLE"Source:27, 509 notes > C) ct CC?

Leviathan, a cool ass setting

Leviathan, a cool ass setting Leviathan is a three part book series in a land where mechs and Bioengineering are common.It's essentially World war one but with mechs and monsters.