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Conan Exiles Coming to Steam Early Access, RPG Mechanics Revealed

After reading the new Conan Exiles Reddit AMA that Funcom hosted and learning about the game's character progression system, guild mechanics, NPC factions, and more, I'm confident that the title has enough RPG elements in it to call for continued coverage here in these halls through to its release and beyond.And that release is going to begin on September 13th, as the team plans to release the survival RPG (I can call it that now, right?

Darkest Dungeon Interview on Game Mechanics

Darkest Dungeon Interview on Game Mechanics This introspective interview brings up an interesting point how various limitations can further the cause of creativity.The Bard's Tale, Eye of the Beholder, and Ultima are named as Darkest Dungeon's inspirations but the final product is fairly distinct and has a definite identity of its own.

first experience with invasion mechanics

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Anon takes an Exam

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