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Who wore it better?

Who wore it better? tr.[f 3868 points 6 hours ago ()To everyone questioning the practicality of this outfit, you have to remember that it' s only meant to be worn at theevent, not as part of a person' s wardrobe.

Hide and seek level over 9000

Hide and seek level over 9000 Japanese History Scrubs S06E15 23 hrs agoStick em with the pointy end 12 hrs agoI'm a simple person.probably stupid.

/pol/ explains what was meant.

/pol/ explains what was meant. nurses must earn less than men, because 2211 5094706 2211they are weaker, they are smarter, they are 2211555 2211555 32211 509491 3 ::launching a hate speech 'investigation by theEuropean Parliament2.-} } } 555?

Doom will and won't come

Doom will and won't come Mahmud Sara!Guys.