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Anon reports AntiFa to the FBI

Anon reports AntiFa to the FBI i Anonymous (ID: ) ME25/ 17( Sat) 11: 53: 53.I B Get PM UpdigThank YouYour MD has beanact Us I About Us I Most mined 1 News I Sm: & services 1 1 Jobs I “In & GamesResources on law Enforcement 1 Intel Partners 1 Researchers/ Students ' Parents IFollow Us On: Facebook I You Tube 1 Twitter i was 1 iteslary 1 em.

Funny and Cringe Comp 2.094395102...

Funny and Cringe Comp 2.094395102... terror attacks are part of living in a big city 21 hrs agoOnly the poise may know the peace from this evil.23 hrs agoLast known image of abhuman guardsmen.

/b/ro watches a fight

/b/ro watches a fight File: dnsd-'.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)Ehhe meyear of unishard as fuck In get into.

Anon goes to dinner

emu mmy tells me she' s gluing to take me to seeFarce Awakens a while backtells me to get into the car and warm it upas she puts her makeup anMoo big farms sci I waddle is the car andget in the middle back seat so I dent put hasmuch weight can one sidehall at a sudden a guy runs up our driveway andta lies mom we carMag dist re cted he malice me sitting in thebackseatwas he hag an to flee, I stun shed in my seatdeeper than ever beforehatter 5 minutes, just enough time far him tafeel safe, I spoke up in the ref a personwho didn' t understand the gravity of the sum alienfl an In the backseat.AMA''bite was shocked and terrified by my newnoncholo nee.

Do you eat bacon?

Do you eat bacon? Me: [sitting in luxurious exit row, ratlines seat]White woman behind me: Hey I don' t have as much space.You need to putyour seat up!

Kenyi Ovnev Pakolf Endo

Kenyi Ovnev Pakolf Endo Isl:Ryan talks about living with a befriending Hillary backin 1994: "She looks at me the way I always wanted to be looked at.known as3214 Ill'.

Anon stands up for the gays

Anon stands up for the gays the me, almost got in fight on bus todaydudes holding handsnasoleone was like shielding their child who was lookingsso the guys stoppedst said "No, fuck that.Don' t do that.