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i missed a page

i missed a page American on /pol/ defends his culture.19 hrs agoA day without immigrants in school 23 hrs agoTime Magazine: Trump "Chaos" Cover 23 hrs ago#MediaLiesAgain OPERATION SUCCESS!

anon has a lucid dream

anon has a lucid dream American on /pol/ defends his culture.23 hrs agoSweet victorious trolling 23 hrs agoTrump is an Absolute Madman 22 hrs agoFaith in humanity restored 13 hrs agoFor honour at japanese server 12 hrs agoPlaying With Randoms Be Like 23 hrs agocats are good at climbing 15 hrs ago4 Years later.

Anon has a job

Anon has a job File: (255 KB, 900x900)t bbe meffirst jobaged coursewe a little bit of everythingsaturday in JulyTrapping for a golf outingasks mete put pop in bucket withiceepic relatedwould she want me to do this?back herit-" just put the pop in the bucket anon"ookay I just dent.

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