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Anon talks about his job

Anon talks about his job i AnonymousI found this job on8' 1'' i' craigslist for this old dude,w.llxiri" So he obsessed withpickles and he hired me tomeasure every pickle in16 KB We every jar he buys, (He' llbuy maybe 40 at a time, and hes rich asfuck btw) So he will call me and I' ll spendabout 3 hours measuring pickles.

When I was younger..

When I was younger.. Anyone remember this game?2 mns agoNexus challenge(free genji and D.

/pol/lak reveals his power level...

/pol/lak reveals his power level... i Anonymous (ID: ()GUYS HELP I SCREWED up BAD!More meSterne to get wisdom teethpulled outego under drugsbrny family now has videos37 KB JPG of me crying profusely as irant on about how the jewsare subverting our white culturethe doctor is jewishsentir/ everybody knows i' a bad goywt: 2 help


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