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some people don't deserve nice things

some people don't deserve nice things OOHand 99CommentsE Teenagers online have a need to makeeverything matter how odd thecharacter it is someones ‘warn’.


THERE'S NO ALT-LEFT, M'KAY?! ME 1: we matter what you believe that 'illain stands fer, it cannever erase the ' cut all the atrocities and deaths that resultedfrom the idealogy it r: -remotes!That' s why it must be banned and these whenwave it declared terrorist'sGuy 2: Hey is that guy behind you waving a 'Litre - Comment at Share

Arrest Trump for this

Arrest Trump for this Just smile and ignore it.6 mns agoHappy Adoption Anniversary, Addie!

Black lives matter bro

Black lives matter bro A game I'm looking to run 8 mns agoWhen you find out she's a guy 18 mns agoI don't like where this is going 18 mns agoDoes anyone read titles any more?21 mns agoRemember to specify your order 25 mns agoUseless but seems to be a fun stress relief toy 29 mns agoWhen normies try to post memes 36 mns agoYet another doritos comp (that no one asked for) 47 mns ago

Admin's mining program when?

Admin's mining program when? Sakura's Not Useless (for Once) 19 mns agoAllen Iverson 37 pts,15 ast, playoffs 2005,76ers vs pistons game3 27 mns agoThis is what happens when a 4chan user goes to prison.32 mns agoThe Wizard (1989) I love the power glove & The final game scene 34 mns agoAnon predicts the Apple Event 36 mns agoOn J.