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An Inside Look At Yu-Gi-Oh Creator's Studio

An Inside Look At Yu-Gi-Oh Creator's Studio Why, it all happens in Kazuki Takahashi’s studio, that’s where.Volume 8 video from a while back, we got a look at where Takahashi creates.

Is is True FJ?

Is is True FJ? Girl comes over robot's house 22 hrs agoanon performs home defense 22 hrs agoThe next step for (((Shia))) 22 hrs ago4chan describes England with one picture 22 hrs agoTron John Has Been Removed 21 hrs agoIT'S OFFICIAL: CRITICISM OF ISLAM NO LONGER LEGAL IN CANADA 17 hrs agoJonTron Removed From Yooka Laylee 20 hrs agoThick thighs to the rescue!17 hrs agoMy what a guy.