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Roleplaying Against Type in D&D! (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)

Christianity VS Norse Gods (Asatru) 23 hrs agoThe Best Brofist in Gaming History 23 hrs agoShots fired.And not at her face this time.

Two Equally Important Feminists

Two Equally Important Feminists Jain mum: FEM was banned in the GambiaMaking the decision to take my campaign against female genital mutilation ( M)back to the Gambia, although difficult, was the right thing to do.This meant thatit was crucial for me to have a team with me; to find people equally dedicated tothe cause who would stand by me.

Robots try to buy a communal GF

Robots try to buy a communal GF i AnonymousCommunal (female) threadRoastin whore Aria Alexander has quitmaking porn and is looking for a sugardaddy to take care of her as she followsher "dreams".If we pool all of our spare cash together43 KB JPG we can possibly afford to have a forour board.

Another step forward 33: Comical origins

Another step forward 33: Comical origins Click to block a category: equisespada prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Truth be told I don't actually get a lot of hate for this comic, but you guys really are the only ones who listen.For the rest of the comic there's tapastic:tapastic.


WE WUZN'T COLONISTS JonTron Removed From Yooka Laylee 23 hrs agoIT'S OFFICIAL: CRITICISM OF ISLAM NO LONGER LEGAL IN CANADA 19 hrs agoThick thighs to the rescue!19 hrs agoMy what a guy.