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Anon watches Philip DeFranco

Anon watches Philip DeFranco File: _ ' txarng (454 KB, 853x433)CI Anonymous ( Thu) : 24 Nty, Fbcheck free news agg raster to see what client mainstreammedia sources are saying about a certain topical eventcould do this themselves but are tooretarded to realize thisbcheck twitter to see what is trendingBcheck comments on videos to see what people want me totalk aboutWest get my moms to see what ether channels are posting and what dumb teens are talking aboutwif like their stuff, get intern to copy and past links into description cause I' m too lazy to do it myselfasit on couch in crappy bedroom and record myself talking about said topicsplug overpriced shitty clothes or services to said retarded audience because I don' t wantsome money, but tons of moneySup ya beautiful bastards!Thanks for not leaving me for the twitter tree ding page and geegwee Letsjust jump into it"to use mainstream media sources while simultaneously railing against themhuh oh, video might not get views, better make a good titleYol.

New Trump Campaign: Mainstream Media

New Trump Campaign: Mainstream Media I HOLY SHIT Trump is going to "run" agaist the media and go back an the campaign trail.32425113tails me media "Trumpy' s " a few weeks agorestarts campaign rally schedule (going to Florida today)calls the media the "ertems" numerous times seceretlyfires up his campaign again and starts peering shitrmp registers his 2020 me (earliest ever registration).

MSM caught buying fake clicks from China

MSM caught buying fake clicks from China OlursaMonthly Unique Visitor MetricsPast 30 Days - Last Updated February's, 2017CountryUnited StatesHow popular is " Alexa i,120 EMonthly Unique Visitor MoniesPast 30 Days - Last Updated February 25, 2017Country oUnited StatesHow popular is nytimes.

CNN tracks down person who made Trump-WWE meme

CNN tracks down person who made Trump-WWE meme After spending two whole days complaining about how Trump was promoting violence against the press (Because edited WWE gifs are threats of violence, obviously), CNN decided to track down the person who had originally made the meme (I **** you not), and threaten to release his full identity.He deleted his entire post history on Reddit, issued an apology on the R/The_Donald subreddit which the mods quickly deleted, and then shut down his account.