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bias and cherry picking

bias and cherry picking Idsediomet Enit Emardisso 10 mns agoHAW Comp 18 - Human's drink poison!21 mns agoThe Left Can't Meme - Libtard Fails 38 mns agoI see ICE is getting creative with their tactics 41 mns agoNumbers That Are Too Creepy to Call 51 mns agoDefending Europe from NGOs Destabilization 1 hr agoHow it feels to play Tanks in Paladins 1 hr ago

why was it made removable

why was it made removable What's the weirdest dream you've had?7 mns agoMy favorite rage comic from the good old days 13 mns agoShirou vs Archer Blu-Ray Edition 15 mns agobrazil is love, brazil is life 21 mns agooOo Wa Aa Aa AH ah OH OH!

how white USA kids start school

how white USA kids start school When you realise you've been destroyed 1 mn ago"How Many Eggs Do You Eat A Day?" 18 mns agoJust Slightly Uncomfortable 24 mns agoIt all happened so quickly 24 mns agoT1m3 t0 ch4ng3 y0ur [email protected]!

youtube comments these days

youtube comments these days tii/ VIill/ VIIIUN, Lty'' llatlttdlShoelessReply - 4854 It.Hide replies "Illest The Virtual Gamer 3 months agoHAHAHAHAiife) ii.

Anon realizes he's gay

Anon realizes he's gay Board /b/ -Random T T Settings Homeno joke, crazy frog made me realize i was gay.irewatched all of the crazy frog videos again andagain pausing whenever there was a good shotof his floppy donger.

AltspaceVR u-turns on closure

AltspaceVR u-turns on closure The news was greeted with much disappointment, both from users and the VR industry, which had grown comfortable with referring to AltspaceVR as a working example of a way in which VR technology may become everyday in the near future.3 million in a series A round in 2015, leading many to assume it had a robust financial foundation.