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Gaming accessory maker Mad Catz files for bankruptcy, seeks to liquidate assets

Gaming accessory maker Mad Catz files for bankruptcy, seeks to liquidate assets Video game accessory company Mad Catz, known for its low-price gaming controllers, headsets, and fightsticks — as well as its work with Harmonix on Rock Band 4 — has filed for bankruptcy and for a motion to liquidate all assets.All of the company’s directors resigned on March 30, and Mad Catz has already ceased operations.

shit's mad old

shit's mad old You just activated my trap card.19 hrs agoCivnichad Essoppo Cescivovat 17 hrs agoNot all heroes wear capes 12 hrs agoThe Monster Under the Bed - 119 20 hrs agoWhen /fit/ and /lit/ merge.

Anon talks about his childhood

Anon talks about his childhood IcawNC?291 3221 7 6 hours agowe an we 40(Weird Shit You Experienced as a Kid threadbbe 'rayo memad is in hospital w/ his tth heart attackH have to poopI was given directions to was closed forcleaningAabout to shit pantsbathroom in employee only areaReprint to itup stallgiant black dude on his kneessucking off a skeleton dude that was maybearound and runshit until I get home 12 hours later

Robot summons the devil

Robot summons the devil E Anonymous ' 14/' 17( Fri) 15: 49:' 12 No.38371043bungle was dying of canceraon hospital bedsaid he had 1 day left to livemad, go to my room and lock the doordecide to do a blood sacrifice19 KB We by sacrificing rny life for hisadrew a pentagram on a piece of paperand then cut my palm with a knife and soaked the paperwith bloodsprayed that my uncle gets better in exchange for my lifeenext day uncle makes a miraculous recoveryThis was just a coincidence arright?