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Robot summons the devil

Robot summons the devil E Anonymous ' 14/' 17( Fri) 15: 49:' 12 No.38371043bungle was dying of canceraon hospital bedsaid he had 1 day left to livemad, go to my room and lock the doordecide to do a blood sacrifice19 KB We by sacrificing rny life for hisadrew a pentagram on a piece of paperand then cut my palm with a knife and soaked the paperwith bloodsprayed that my uncle gets better in exchange for my lifeenext day uncle makes a miraculous recoveryThis was just a coincidence arright?

i`m so fucking mad

i`m so fucking mad Lii Ashley Lynch VSo the shit happening on the set ofDeadpool 2 is even worse than youthought.580 Retweets 611 LikesAshley Lynch (5).

I'm happy for him

I'm happy for him Gupoucemas Ythupr Vonyeseigo 4 mns agoNew technology to draw blood sample 10 mns agoAlachua County Irma Update 24 mns agoVideo Game That Doesn't Exist 30 mns agoCivil War Vet's doing the Rebel Yell 37 mns agoChum Drum Bedrum but WRITTEN BY SATAN IN MIDI 46 mns agoMemes prepared by a famous chef 49 mns agoLeaf describes the average day of an amerifat 1 hr agoSince when was the Riddler a freaking ninja?1 hr agoWhy Are People Dying From Hurricanes?