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Anon gets in trouble because of vidya

Anon gets in trouble because of vidya E AnanymousTIT: Times tildes games get yang}see me innocent 6 year eldsdad loved fps gamesslats me play thembecause I did really well atschool41 KB JPG splayed Wolfenstein itand Doom a let because Iloved theMoved the music in the games a let butone specific song that stood out was thethis theme for Wolfenstein itsrsed to hum that song all the timespast forward 4 years in elementary schoolsstill had the song stuck in my headshad this math exam I took in privatebecause l was sick the day of the examsonly me and teacher in the reemsothe test was boring and minuteness so Istarted humming the Wolfenstein SD titlethemesteadier was visibly shocked and took meto the ' s officesteadier told the principal I was hummingseme Nazi songshad literally no idea the Wolfensteintitle theme was Horst Wessel Lied, NaziGermany' s national anthemsmfw both the teacher and the principalwere Jews

One For My Baby: A Look Back at Fallout: New Vegas's Best Quest

One For My Baby: A Look Back at Fallout: New Vegas's Best Quest A PC Gamer editorial considers One For My Baby, a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas, to be a representative example of what made that game a worthy addition to the Fallout series, despite its departure from the isometric perspective and turn-based combat we all knew and loved.A few paragraphs to get you started:

2014 was a weird time

2014 was a weird time A very lazy JAlter VS a mop 6 mns agoAfter you defeat all the other landscapers 23 mns agoHE MAY SHOW A STASH OF GOLD 24 mns agosir, don't put yo- sir, SIR, GOD DAMMIT!33 mns agozawarldo channel EXPOSED!