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Hissed connections 13-24


a lot of ppg lately

a lot of ppg lately Trash fuels the raccoon invasion 20 hrs agoIt's escalated to a certain point 23 hrs agoRobot experiences the gay handshake 23 hrs agoKen M on Hitler's Watercoloring 19 hrs agoA message from The_Donald 21 hrs agoTracer Cosplay - Meg Turney 21 hrs agoA pretty general comparison 23 hrs agoIt's like they forgot how to make good npcs 21 hrs agoWhen You're Rich but Stupid 16 hrs agoTop 10 Reasons BuzzFeed Is A Failing Pile Of Garbage 21 hrs agoTomo-chan wa Onnanoko!pt.

That's a lot of bullets.

That's a lot of bullets. Roy, UT - Roy City police released video of a shooting that took the life of 38-year old Nicolas Sanchez.According to Roy police two of their officers were called to the scene on reports of a trespassing.

WSJ rant by Cr1tikal

TrashCat will stab you with stolen memes 19 hrs agoSpongeBob's Nutty Adventure 22 hrs agoProfessors lesson goes wrong 15 hrs agoHow to solve puzzles [Breath of the Wild] 21 hrs agoCOMPLETELY REAL 100% OVERWATCH PATCH NOTES 20 hrs agoThis is never getting old, is it?18 hrs agowhy do you want to be oppressed so badly?

DM's Story Time

Been seeing a lot of D&D posts, so I thought I'd join in on the fun.I have DM'd here and there and thought I'd recount a session where the players just weren't having good luck.

YouTube pranksters just held the London subway’s first-ever drum ‘n’ bass rave

YouTube pranksters just held the London subway’s first-ever drum ‘n’ bass rave London’s subway network has seen a few bizarre things in its time, but never a full-fledged drum ‘n’ bass rave.Organized by YouTube pranksters Trollstation, the event took over an entire subway car on the London Underground’s Bakerloo line that takes travelers right through the center of the capital.

Making a good picture

Making a good picture Breath of the Wild: Long Distance Shield Parry 20 hrs agoThey didn't even change the font 16 hrs agoGod Emperor vs.Fatboy Kim III 13 hrs agoIs CNN rooting for admin?

25 annoying Samsung Galaxy S6 problems, and how to fix them

25 annoying Samsung Galaxy S6 problems, and how to fix them It’s easy to fall in love with the Galaxy S6.We’ve been gathering user feedback, checking out complaints, and searching for solutions to the biggest Galaxy S6 problems.

The Road to El Dorado

The Road to El Dorado the dank side of the moon 6 mns agoOne Piece art in 82,000 Minecraft blocks.15 mns agoHeroes of the Storm: Genji Spotlight 16 mns agoReality is not a strong point of the left 27 mns agoNot being French I want to know 27 mns agoThe Great Meme War - The Battle for France 28 mns agoLocal Sperit Gets Destroyed 29 mns agoHand-Holding At The Wrong Place & Time 31 mns agoI put the "pimp" in pimples 32 mns agoA Leaf illustrates environmental racism.