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Source: JONTRON DID NOTHING WRONG 15 hrs agoWearing badges has a history of being Reich.20 hrs ago24 pictures that'll make you saw AWWWW 13 hrs agoHow Zelda probably feels during Link's selfies 16 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 100 22 hrs agoEveryone makes the same mistake 21 hrs agoAnon Looses Bipedal function.

Ned Flanders Needs Help

Ned Flanders Needs Help Season 3 episode 3.Quick backstory, Homer wished that Flanders's new store would fail and it did.

/fit/izen kills himself

/fit/izen kills himself 5 Anonymous / / onyx/ ditty/ ill?No.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

You Win Some, You Lose Some Fucking female went let me get pussyAttell noblee qt ditsy bimbo squireen her sometimesDDM says that she is tee stupid to understand my advances and thinks i' m justplaying with hersmeargle: fer a brothel in.ery tawnu' l says they hate all been demolished er tom dawnreally doesnt want to hate sex with any female Mcsewe funds tham my nobility hire a spy to find but what' s gem; en with these : -themdis::.

Anon's Gift Exchange at Work

Anon's Gift Exchange at Work 4CHAN IS AT IT AGAIN: OPERATION HWDU REBORN 17 hrs agoA Very Brief Alaskan History Lesson 23 hrs agoThursday's Cute Things - 13/4/2017 22 hrs agoTV reporter stops live coverage to rescue dog from flood 20 hrs agoSHIA LABEUOF LIES: HWDU 4CHAN STRIKES BACK 15 hrs agoPlanetball Comics are Underrated 22 hrs agoWeaponizes autism strikes again!10 hrs ago