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Must be a coincidence

Must be a coincidence How to scare a republican 51 snds agoLMFAO someone look at this 6 mns agoDark Sould Boardgame Gameplay 8 mns agoWith his use to be good looking wife 10 mns agoFacebook out manoeuvre their own terms 12 mns agoYet another unrealistic beauty standard for men 16 mns agoBrainlet solves NASA and SpaceX's problem 16 mns ago

The Fall of America

fat and stupid ,I hear he is secondin world in obeseReally?We need to dosomethingabout em tsWe should get biddings of him!

Cut France some slack

Take a look at thissurrender frenchwhere is Ito white flag?Did french gearboxes, 7 gear'sti reverse, and one goes forwardsin case the enemy attacks frombehind I 'N.