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Achievement unlocked: 30 Years to Life

Achievement unlocked:  30 Years to Life and nothing of value was lost 19 hrs agoExposing Child ISIS Propaganda Hoax 19 hrs agoRIP Illegals, liberals offended 22 hrs agoUNDENIABLE PROOF NOW BEND THE NEW MORTAL 23 hrs agoOPERATION SUBVERT SMERCONISH 20 hrs agoEvery Time A Brother Graduates 19 hrs agoBATTLE FOR THE WALL: Trump vs.a Mexican 01/27/2017Obamacare May be Replaced with Medicare 19 hrs agoKEBAB DENIED!

You Couldve Stopped This...

You Couldve Stopped This... Click to block a category: aznzeus prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment touch.pixiv.

Is This Nyanko Days?

Is This Nyanko Days? ND bans safe spaces in Colleges 21 hrs ago/pol/ack discusses the tallest building 23 hrs agoMy Little Fish Cant Be This Cute 18 hrs agoDiversity is our Strength.19 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #21 17 hrs agoOur trash will block out the sun 16 hrs agoTrump Locks the Press in the Basement 13 hrs ago


C U T E pussy pass DENIED painfully 11 hrs agopretty big jump in the middle there.21 hrs agoOne of the best cosplays i've seen 21 hrs agoSo glad we don't have to deal with this 22 hrs agoLegend says its still flying this day.